Napoleon Conquers Commercial Space Market (Article in Bearing News)

The space industry thrives on the word “heritage”. Relying on historical designs, equipment, processes and suppliers results in known outcomes and reduced risks in the high stakes world of rocket launches. It’s hard to compete with that logic. But that hasn’t stopped Napoleon Engineering Services (NES) from going all in to support the commercial space industry with custom bearings for a wide variety of mission critical applications from turbo pumps, values, actuators and hydraulic power units to docking systems.

The Olean, NY based custom bearing manufacturer has roots in the aircraft industry dating back to the 1990’s. That heritage has set the stage for Napoleon Engineering Services’ work in the space industry. “We started out providing bearing reverse engineering services to those looking to hold a PMA (Parts Manufacturer Approval) on type-certified aircraft and engine bearings,” explains NES President and Chief Engineer, Chris Napoleon. “Over the years, in support of our PMA and OEM customer base, we have made significant investments in manufacturing equipment, allowing NES to manufacture high precision aerospace bearings.

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