Quality Management

Napoleon Engineering Services is committed to achieving the highest standards of quality control and quality assurance and, through continuous improvement, exceeding the expectations of our customers in every industry we serve, including: aerospace, defense, drive train, agriculture, oil and gas, electric motor, automotive and heavy equipment.

As the global leader in high performance bearing solutions, NES is certified to world-class standards including:

ISO9001                    AS9100                    NADCAP

This ensures that best practices have been implemented in all our processes, increasing operations consistency, product quality and customer satisfaction, enabling us to work for the Military and Aerospace industries.

* National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation for Chemical Processing


"NES shall strive to accurately identify and define all applicable customer, statutory, and regulatory requirements and conform to those requirements through all areas of product realization. Every employee has access to top management and has roles and responsibilities that are critical to the success of NES and our ability to achieve the intended results of the QMS (Quality Management System). We are committed to continually improving the QMS, all products and services, and to maintain and grow NES as the leader in our business segments."