SQI - Source Qualification Inspection

SQI (Source Qualification Inspection) allows the client to qualify new suppliers through a series of independent bearing inspections. This empirically derived, unbiased SQI program is used by companies in a variety of industries to ensure design integrity, manufacturing capabilities, and workmanship quality among various suppliers. This in-depth look into bearing stress levels helps to ensure effective bearing performance.

The industrial bearing equivalent to the FAA-PMA reverse engineering program, SQI allows OEM’s to understand why the baseline supplier is effective and what characteristics ensure the bearing performs effectively in a particular application. SQI can provide OEM’s with valuable technical information allowing for open communication with bearing manufacturers about design and manufacturing characteristics. With the increased use of offshore bearings used in today’s applications, it is vital that OEM’s ensure they obtain repeat success in their application by reducing the risk of bearing failure. Providing detailed design characteristics, obtained through the SQI process, to the bearing manufacturer, can save OEMs time and money by eliminating potential field replacement costs.

For OEM’s who model bearing performance, Enhanced SQI Data can provide a more in-depth overview of the bearing’s stress profile. Resultant data allows for open communication between OEMs and bearing manufacturers regarding design and manufacturing characteristics, leading to time and cost savings via elimination of potential field replacement costs The benefits of SQI are not limited to OEM’s. Many bearing manufacturers and distributors have found our SQIs very helpful in gaining information about bearings they are offering through their own global supply chain. Whatever area of the bearing industry you occupy, SQI can provide value and insight needed to achieve success in your operation.

A custom inspection plan can be developed to meet each customer's unique needs.

Standard SQI Program

  • Dimensional Inspection
    • Full boundary dimensions and internal geometry characteristics
  • Quality of Workmanship
    • Noise Testing
    • Visual Inspection
    • Surface Finish Evaluation
    • Internal Geometry Evaluation
  • Material Integrity
    • Material Chemistry
    • Microstructure
    • Cleanliness
    • Hardness

Enhanced SQI

Napoleon Engineering Services, in addition to our Source Qualification Inspection program, also offers an enhanced SQI that provides a more in-depth look into a bearing’s stress level. Clients are given access to a series of extensive models to further aid in their search for the ideal bearing. Enhanced SQI is the ideal solution to your bearing qualification needs.