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Napoleon Engineering Services is proud to be an American custom bearing manufacturing company located in Olean, NY. We are the largest independent bearing inspection and testing facility in the United States. We take pride in our innovative, quality bearing products.  For over 20 years we have put our efforts into American manufacturing while supporting the local, domestic job market.  By keeping our manufacturing process within the U.S., we provide employment opportunities for our local and surrounding community, support the growth of local and national material suppliers, and provide an excellent product you can be proud to use.
To everyone who has supported our efforts over the years: Thank You!
The hand-drawn NES logo with the American Bald Eagle shown above was created by my father, Gus Napoleon, and given to me shortly after I started the company in 1997. He told me that the eagle symbolizes our proud American heritage and my passion for flight. In December of 2000 he presented me with a framed American flag that hangs on our company wall reminding us every day of our allegiance. On the back he wrote “Napoleon Engineering Services, an All-American Company.” 
On our 20th anniversary we took the opportunity to incorporate my father’s logo and sentiments into our identity to symbolize who we are; the driving force behind everything we do.

My dad lived to be almost 93! He was part of the greatest generation and I’m proud to share a little bit of what made him so special with all of us at NES.

Chris Napoleon, NES President

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