Custom Bearing Test Rig & Dimensional Gauge Manufacturing

Develop your company’s own in-house bearing testing capability with NES's Custom Bearing Test Rig & Dimensional Gauging manufacturing.

We design and build bearing test rigs of all sizes and types to meet OEM needs. Rigs can be outfitted with manual or fully automated controls to help you assess bearing efficiency, fatigue life, wear and material characteristics, as well as lubricant analysis. Advancements in bearing technology and the evolution of the global supply chain underscore the value of in-house bearing testing.

NES also offers bearing and application support to solve complex bearing design and bearing test conditions. Whether a new or existing design, give the bearing the respect it deserves and contact us to aid in proper bearing selection. Our support for new equipment can significantly help to improve manufacturing reliability.

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Test Rigs

  • Full service test rig manufacturing, from initial design to finished product
  • Customized for your specific application
  • Rigs built to test ball and roller bearings
  • Choice of test platforms, control options, and operating parameters
  • High quality and reliability, based on NES proven internal design
  • Bearing test rig component manufacturing services, including specialty gauges, bearing inspection and bearing test fixtures
  • Bearing test rig maintenance and service plans
  • Rigs are designed based on either standard bearing testing methods, simulated application conditions, or specific standard
  • Full PC-based controls for duty cycle testing where conditions are monitored and controlled to ensure consistent test conditions for accurate measurement or manual control systems for most standard bearing testing.
  • Rigs comply to the following standards:
    • NFPA 70: 2017
    • NFPA 79: 2015
    • UL 61010-1: 2012 rev2016
GM Rig Cutout Sq Lo

Typical Test Rig Parameters


  • Radial Load
  • Axial Load
  • Rotational Speed
  • Bearing Temperature
  • Lubrication Temperature
  • Lubrication Flow


  • Bearing Vibration
  • Bearing Temperature
  • Housing Displacement
  • Shaft Deflection
  • Bearing Torque

Bearing Dimensional Gauging

  • Full service dimensional gauge manufacturing, from initial design to finished product
  • Customized for your specific application
  • Gauging built to test ball and roller bearings
  • Gauging Types
    • ID / OD2 Point & 3 Point
    • Running AccuracyRaceway Runout
    • Radial Clearance
    • End Play
    • Contact Angle
    • Race Location