FAA/PMA Reverse Engineering

Aircraft Bearing Reverse Engineering Programs in Support of FAA Parts Manufacturer Approval (FAA-PMA)

One of the more comprehensive inspection programs offered by NES is Reverse Engineering of type certified aircraft ball and roller bearings in support of FAA-PMA certification. A bearing supplier that intends on supplying a replacement aircraft bearing that was not part of the original design qualification must obtain a specific Part Manufacturer Approval (PMA) from the FAA to produce a replacement.

Reverse Engineering (RE) of a type certified bearing is the first step in the PMA process. If carried out by a facility with the proper inspection, testing and bearing design capability, it will satisfy the requirements of CFR14 Subpart K and FAA Order 8110.42 under test and computation.

Proper reverse engineering ensures that FAA-PMA aircraft replacement bearings will meet or exceed the same rigorous quality, design and performance standards as those originally specified. To support these requirements, a team of highly experienced NES bearing engineers and technicians perform a thorough physical evaluation of the aircraft bearings, using highly specialized equipment and data analysis tools. The end product is an accurate and detailed analysis which provides all of the necessary inspection data along with a detailed assembly drawing supporting the approval process and subsequent manufacturing that ensures that the bearing meets or exceeds the application requirements.

PMA, when used in conjunction with a qualified aerospace bearing manufacturer, like NES, is an excellent way to reduce the overall cost of aircraft and equipment maintenance, repair and overhaul. Now is the perfect time to engage an NES Bearing Engineer to determine if there is a commercial advantage to obtain PMA and secure your own inventory of PMA bearings manufactured through NES.