Ceramic Hybrid Bearing Performance Advantage

Higher Speeds

  • The low density of the silicon nitride balls reduces the load applied due to centrifugal forces, thereby allowing for increase operational speeds.

Higher Stiffness

  • A 50% higher elastic modulus of silicon nitride over bearing steel results in a stiffer, more rigid bearing, which is advantageous to high precision machine tools.

Reduce Heat Generation

  • Low frictional characteristics of the silicon nitride ball results in lower heat generation and lower operating temperatures.

Thermal Stability

  • With thermal expansion being 1/3 that of steel, the silicon nitride ball reduces the effects of thermal gradients across the bearing thus reducing the risk of bearing seizure.

Corrosion Resistance

  • Excellent resistance to corrosive media allows for extended bearing life over standard steel balls. Corrosive solutions that enter the bearing cause the ball to deteriorate and corrode to the the raceway surfaces during static operation. Silicon nitride balls with their resistance to corrosion and high hardness levels allow for continued use and self healing of the deteriorated raceway surfaces.


  • Silicon nitride is a non-conductive material thus reducing the potential of current flow through the bearing and the resulting electrical arcing or fluting damage that is associated with it.