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Component Manufacturing

Napoleon Engineering Services component manufacturing program designs and manufactures the components that are vital to the successful operation of the bearing. Below is a list of components that NES manufactures.

    • Specialty Cages – for standard and precision application requirements
      • PEEK,® Vespel®, Nylon, Bronze, Steel, Phenolic
      • 1-piece machined snap-on
      • 1-piece machined full pocket
      • 2-piece machined riveted
    • Precision Spacers
      • Tapered roller bearing sets require precision spacers to ensure proper endplay or preload requirements
    • Special Ring Configuration
      • Wide, narrow, puller grooves any non-standard configuration can be provided
    • Ceramic Balls and Rollers
      • Available in the highest quality US manufactured Silicon Nitride ceramic balls sizes up to 2″ diameter
      • Ceramic rollers made-to-order


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