Ceramic Hybrid Bearings

NES’s ceramic hybrid bearings are used around the world in demanding applications ranging from wind turbine generators, machine tool spindles, magnetic bearing backup applications, auto racing, ultra-centrafuge systems, nuclear reactors and aerospace applications. NES’s short lead times, application engineering support, highest quality, US-manufactured ceramic balls and choice of specialty ring materials, all provide Napoleon Engineering Services with an opportunity to partner with you to create unique ceramic hybrid bearing solutions.

Hybrid Bearing Characteristics

  • Higher Speeds - The light weight associated with silicon nitride balls reduces the load applied due to centrifugal forces, allowing for increased operational speeds.

  • Greater Stiffness - A higher elastic modulus of silicon nitride over bearing steel results in a stiffer, more rigid bearing, which is beneficial to high precision machine tools.

  • Reduce Heat Generation - Low frictional characteristics of the silicon nitride ball result in lower heat generation and lower operating temperatures.

  • Thermal Stability - With a lower thermal expansion than steel, the silicon nitride ball reduces the effects of thermal gradients across the bearing thus reducing the risk of bearing seizure.

  • Corrosion Resistance - Excellent resistance to corrosive media allows for extended bearing life over standard steel balls.

  • Non-Conductive - Silicon nitride is a non-conductive material thus reducing the potential of current flow through the bearing and the resulting electrical arcing or fluting damage that is associated with it.

Ceramic Ball Bearing